Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Timberlake Piano After Poultry Picnic

An aquaintance in the village reports that her Jack Russell, Timberlake, who is inclined to go walkabout now and then, went AWOL yesterday and returned triumphantly carrying a dead chicken. Nothing too unusual about that, except that in this case the chicken was frozen.

Presumably some neighbour, momentarily distracted whilst unlocking their front door, is going to spend time searching kitchen appliances and wardrobes, trying to find where they could have absent-mindedly put their Sunday roast.

Timberlake evaded capture and took his shopping into a nearby field, where he wolfed the lot like a giant poultry-flavoured ice lolly - bones, polythene and all. Reports suggest that Timberlake is a wee bit subdued this morning.

No one has volunteered to extract the giblets.


  1. I very much like the use of "piano" in the title! An underused adjective put to good use here. Marianne

  2. Oh good! I was afraid people might think I'd totally lost the plot and started inserting random musical instruments. In view of your sympathy for underused adjectives, I challenge you to work the word 'lacustrine' unobtrusively into a future blog.

  3. Reminds me of the time our cat Charlie appeared through the cat flap with more commotion than usual, carrying a mouse in his mouth, and the mouse trap it had been caught in as well

  4. That's such a good story - someone must have been mystified by their missing trap.