Saturday, 26 April 2008

Rock Art

Brother T is not recommended for decor tips ("Why not...nail little metal bottle tops upside down on the floor?") But for once I think I've had a good idea.

Still got all those old vinyls under the stairs? Never play them? Why not make yourself an 'Album of the Week' frame? Oh yes.

The idea came after I'd splashed out on a Joan Baez LP at a charity shop (K had become interested in her after watching the Woodstock DVD). It was sitting on the kitchen table when an enthusiastic dinner guest got all wistful and reminiscent about it, and I thought; "So it's not just me."

With a cunningly modified sick squid frame from Wilko's (it now has a hinged back) we've got ourselves this little rotating exhibitionlet. A different picture to enjoy every week. Lots of album designs are seriously stylish, and many are iconic. (The White Album is a bit of a decorative disappointment, though).

If you have a local charity shop and are into Mantovani, Jim Reeves and Englebert Humperdinck, you can do the whole house for about £18.


  1. If I tell you that one of my favourite customers came in today and sniffed at a cookery book, saying "God, it's all aubergine and carnation petals, isn't it" - you will know exactly what I mean. Which reminds me that i have to remember to pick up a six-shilling bottle of Mule du Pape on the way home.

  2. Hmmm... could be a regular feature: what's in the frame this week; Iggy Pop or Val Doonican?.... ;-)

  3. Lucy - He (I'm guessing) sums up a whole culinary genre with elegant economy!

    Mr W - Now that's an idea...although I'm not sure my taste has been cool enough to carry it off.