Friday, 25 April 2008

Patronising Poop for Pensioners

A tacky wad of advertising material plopped through the letterbox yesterday, promoting something called 'PC Knowledge for Seniors'. On the header is the picture of a strange-looking man named Rob Young (Rob Seniors would have been unfortunate), whom I took an immediate dislike to, even though he can't help the way he looks.

The text is arrogantly presumptive and patronising. "...using a computer is a LOT easier - and a LOT more fun - than many people think" (Stop shouting please, Mr Young). "'ll be given your own special password.." (Whoopee do). You'll be able to read the discussion forum - and even post messages or questions yourself" (What, me? On my own? I can't believe it!).

Perhaps there are people who will find what Mr Young offers useful, but the underlying assumption that anyone over 50 will find computers baffling is really, really tossy. I'm guessing the nearest Mr Young had got to a computer until a few years ago was using a typewriter to compose small ads in the Bradford Telegraph and Argos. And most of the software he is offering comes free with new computers anyway.

I don't suppose one should refer back to past rants, but if you have nothing better to do...


  1. Thank you, 'tossy' has become my word of the day.

    And considering I work within spitting distance (if you're a world champion spitter) of the Bradford Tossy & Arsey buildingm, you made my day twice.

  2. Pah, the young, what do they know?? Let them keep their wibweb with its saucy women and conspiracy theorists. I remember having a lengthy exchange of views with my younger cousin about how Punk as we know it really only started in the 90s and what we knew from 1976 onwards was just a rough prototype. Oh and apparently Axl Rose wrote "Knocking on Heaven's Door".

  3. Rol - It's a long time since I made anyone's day twice...

    Lucy - If it's not a rough prototype, it's not punk.

  4. Actually it's amazing how many under-50s are still resisting the digital world too.

    I don't know whether to laud them or feel sorry for them, but I guess it helps with the forthcoming broadband 'crunch' the longer they delay taking to the superhighway (though the predicted crisis is mostly down to the sheer volume of spam and take off of video streaming rather than individual users per se)

  5. That's spam advertising (and I bet the advertising, in this case, costs more than the leads it generates ..).

  6. I think a bit of lauding is fair, Laura; I felt a definite sense of cold turkey when my computer went down a few months back - how sad is that!

    Eamon - You're right. I'm not sure what they were charging, but it would have to be a fair bit to cover their costs...

  7. Mr Young seems to be quite an aimiable chap, I think... my Nanna took such a course a few years ago and is the only family member to email me when I travel.

    P.S. May I suggest the word 'wanky' to complement your 'tossy'?


  8. GIM - I think you have just pricked my little bubble of pomposity. Wanky seems just right.