Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Absent Blends

Nice, well-travelled and erudite Lucyfishwife has tagged me, which was initially exciting, and then raised some problems like:

a) I'm not sure I've yet got enough of the sort of blends I can pass it on to. (Blends = 'blog friends' - since people are throwing me with words like 'tag' and 'meme', I don't see why I shouldn't make up some they don't know.)

b) I can't think of six interesting things about myself. (This realisation is a bit of an ego-imploder)

c) It's fun, but one wouldn't want the blogosphere to drift into the prodding, poking, virtual drink and flower-gifting teen bollocksphere that Facebook has become (humbug)

The challenge was to post six random things about myself.

Jacky Charlton once greeted me on a train. (I thought he looked vaguely familiar, and nodded reservedly back).

My mother and aunt were best-selling authors. (It must be a recessive gene).

My children didn't know I smoked until I told them when the eldest was 13. They just thought I smelt funny.

I once managed a naval dockyard. (I got out before I sank it).

My first four vehicles had only ten wheels between them.

Brother Tobias, night-clubs, alcohol, pocketed hands and cobbles are not a good combination in Bruges.

In view of my diffidence about actually tagging anyone else, consider yourself invited if you would like to be...and I'll tag you retrospectively for merit.


  1. This is totally unfair, I still don't know what a meme is and now you're throwing words like "blend" around with reckless abandon! Thank you for calling me "well-travelled" though, I do try. Probably bad form to ask about your bestselling rellies, but would I have read anything of theirs? My interest is purely professional, rather than luridly vicarious..

  2. God that sounded shrill! Apologies. Tone of voice so hard to gauge on screen.

  3. I had to look 'meme' up, and then felt I should have known. Do you think if we used 'blend' with wild abandon, it might catch on - so we could claim ownership, like Roald Dahl and 'gremlin'?

    Not bad form, but you wouldn't have come across them. My late mother wrote as Moyra Charlton - starting with children's books when she was aged 11 (Tally Ho, Patch, etc). The books were illustrated by Lionel Edwards and Gilbert Holliday, which means they still turn up with those specialist booksellers at Badminton, etc. As she grew up the books did too. But the war and marriage pretty much stopped her writing.

    The aunt is named Sheila Bishop. She wrote a good number of historical romances. I think 'The Durable Fire' was the first. Oddly enough neither went to school; instead they shared a governess - which I guess says something about the benefits of low teacher-pupil ratios!

  4. I have a copy of "Pendellion" at home and have loved it as long as I can remember! I'm so sorry to hear she's no longer with us - she certainly improved many a long rainy afternoon. I know I will sound like an old git but they really DON'T write them like that any more.

  5. Lucy, you are well-read, aren't you! Made my day. The watercolour for the frontispiece is still in the family (although not with me). She did write well, but times changed - I still have an unpublished MS of hers; maybe one day its time will come!

    My mother latterly gave a transcript of her wartime diaries to the Imperial War Museum, and enjoyed quite a lot of interest through those - for example in Carlton TV's 'Britain at War in Colour' and 'The Second World War in Colour' series a few years ago.

  6. I'd consider myself tagged, but I've already done this one.

    Only I think there were only 5 back then. And I struggled to find those.

    "Blends"? Ick.

  7. I know. Big ick. Yuk ick almost.