Wednesday, 26 December 2007


Survived another one, then. And we all got what we wanted, I think.

Mega gave me Zoe's book, 'My Boyfriend is a Twat', which meant I kept everyone awake for half the night. It is very funny and is my recommended read for 2008 and 2009. It also weighs 32 grams which is equivalent to our recommended daily fibre requirement, so when you have finished laughing you can eat it and stay healthy.

The Social Secretary was delighted with Pol Pot's CD (I would have expected the Khmer Rouge to be more familiar with the gamelan pentatonic scale, but his grasp of Italian opera is a surprise). She also received a bottle of Neal's Yard Black Pepper and Juniper Hand Wash. This is glamorously presented but makes one's hands smell as if they have been plunged into a packet of Kettle Crisps.

Bob and K got an impressive selection of CDs and DVDs, with particular emphasis on Newton Faulkner, Amy Macdonald, and the Mighty Boosh.

Mega got tonsillitis.

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