Friday, 28 December 2007

Out of Con Text

K's boyfriend got hold of the Social Secretary's phone last week, and texted her twin sister. The exchange went like this:

Adam: 'Adam is amazing!'
Twin: 'Why?'
Adam: 'He just is. He's good-looking, funny, witty and all in all amazing.'
Twin: (After a prolonged and disbelieving pause) 'K's Adam?'
Adam: 'Yeah!'
Twin: (Click of a light switch) 'I've just realised you dickheaded plonker! You've stolen her phone!'
Adam: Hee hee. Woo, you got it. Take your time. Lol. Adam.

If there was a night club called 'The Garden of Eden', they probably wouldn't allow him in in the first place.

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