Friday, 28 December 2007

Michael Frayn writes quite good

I am reading Michael Frayn's 'Headlong', which is just arm-sacrificingly good, and is my new recommended read for 2007-2009. It leaves a marginally different epistemological footprint to 'My Boyfriend is a Twat' (my previous recommendation) - indeed, as Frayn quoting Stein-Schneider suggests, "the Familists' doctrines of irenicism and ethic soteriology, together with their sexual asceticism, identify them as a Manichaean movement in the cathar tradition". One really cannot argue with this. But do not be put off; the book is a page-turning and very funny expedition into greed, scholarship and self-deception. Frayn seems to be able to reinvent himself repeatedly ( this is the author of 'Spies' and the creator of the screenplay for 'Clockwork', after all) and entertain in any incarnation. Buy it immediately.

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