Monday, 24 November 2008


Back in April I had a little rant about personalised number plates. Your comments at the time seemed to share my view about them. However, I've just had a contrary comment from Cinnamon Girl. This surprised me until I realised her business is selling personalised number plates. It's probably a lucrative occupation, or was before the credit crunch, bearing in mind the current record is £440,000 (for 'F1'), and that single numeral plates sell for upwards of £10,000.

In her promotional blog Cinnamon Girl conjectures that it is over-contrived registration plates which encourage criticism. But it isn't only that. It's the 'look at me' element which irritates. Nobody loves a show-off. And that image should matter so much to the owners that they are prepared to fork out thousands of pounds for such an ostentatious and not terribly classy statement.

However, to her great credit, besides linking to my less than supportive post, Cinnamon Girl linked to this clip from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's ' The Chaser's War on Everything'. I have subsequently wasted much too long on other clips from the same team.


  1. Love it, Brother T, love it! (And I'm going to have to nick it!)

  2. Love the clip: that guy's got guts. So glad he didn't get them cut out and dumped onto the road.

    Every day on my way home I pass a car with the reg "Tighter X". It's even in an awful italic serif script.

    I would love to give him a ticket that explains how to spell "arsehole".

  3. Love the clip - and hate personalised number plates

  4. I have never seen the point of personalised plates. Would rather have an unusual car.

  5. Dotterel - Go for it!

    Steve - He could have had a couple of holidays in Torremolinos for the price of that. Perhaps the uniform would come in handy for H&S enforcement too?

    Rol - You are the '1st' in consistency.

    Completely - Good on you!

    Laura - Anything in mind?