Monday, 3 November 2008

I'm It

Can Bass 1 has tagged me for six random facts. He is too nice a chap for me to sense a hint of malice, but if it were anyone other than he, speculation might be my middle name. Here are mine - and I have been as honest as I can.

1 Standing on a biscuit tin.

2 Probably Sigourney Weaver, although Monty Don might be fun.

3 It depends on several things, including what I've eaten and the weather.

4 Only once - and we both wound up in hospital.

5 A petrol strimmer.

6 Alas yes. I put it down to single-sex schooling.

Since the tag has transmogrified into something altogether more profound, I tag Lucy back because she started it. And also Steve.


  1. I'm confused! I expect I'm probably supposed to be. But that really was random! I've got know idea what Sigourney Weaver and Monty Don have in common!

  2. I'd love to know the questions! As for me - thank you kindly for the tag, Brother T but, being a creep, I've already done my homework, sir, earlier last month: Meme-ories Are Made Of This.

  3. Ah. Open in a small, un-resizable window. Try this:

  4. But to return the favour: with great apologies - you've been tagged! Try this one...!

  5. Daisy, blame Can Bass 1 for any confusion! (Actually, I can see potential for a 'rolling tag', where you have to write the questions for a set of answers, pass those on to the next person to write a set of answers to your questions, who in turn passes on their answers...)

    Steve, I know - and a very good six they were! By responding to your challenge I have shamed myself for ever in admitting my most embarrassing record buy.

  6. I don't understand either. Most surreal. Are the taggees meant to write the questions for your answers? Is that it?

  7. RB, I'm regretting this! Can Bass's splendidly random, apparently questionless answers amused me. In the cold light of a grey day, I'm not so sure mine do!

  8. I invented my answers. You have to guess what the questions are...