Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Daniel Takes A Train

Nice cousin-in-law Paul plays sax in the 80s band, 'Daniel Takes A Train'. The band, which in its day played venues such as the Astoria, Ronnie Scotts, the Empire Leicester Square, Hammersmith Palais and The Limelight Club and famously gate-crashed the 1987 Brit Awards, reformed this year. They are releasing a new single, 'One Last Dream,' in a couple of week's time, and will therefore challenge Simon Cowell's X factor finalist for this year's Christmas single.

If you love Simon Cowell, please don't visit the band's website here.

If you really love him, don't whatever you do explore the widget to the right, because you can listen to the various mixes and even order copies by clicking on its bottom. The song should carry a health warning, because it grows on you, and at just 77p it's perfect for those family stocking fillers...


  1. If they get to number one, can we have Simon Cowell thrown out of the country?

  2. Rol - I promise. What's more, I'll eat his shoes.

  3. "Eat his shoes."
    Brother Tobias, you are a font of unexpected richness . . . in fact I give you a "shout out" in my post today . . .
    LOL, eat his shoes . . . .
    gotta rmember that . . .
    Aloha from Waikiki-

  4. Can't we just throw him out of the country anyway?

  5. You gotta lot of talented people in your family, BT...must be exhausting (but pleasing)!

    As for Simon, um...hope you don't throw him in this direction; we like our clean, green image!

  6. Cloudia, I happened on the shout; thanking you. And 'Wotcher cock' from Kent (this is not what it sounds; it is a friendly Cockney greeting referring to a 'cock sparrow').

    BW - everyone seems to have a view on this. I feel a poll coming on...

    Amanda - They make me feel inadequate! But the parties usually turn into impromptu jam sessions, which is great.