Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Dream Lover

Dream Lover
I want to baste you and taste you,
Make a cocktail laced with you;
Trace the lips and the dips of you
The tips and the tricks of you;
Test the turns and the tapers
And the subtle twists of you:
The flanges and the rims,
The dimples and the whims;
The ins and the outs of you
The pleats and the pouts of you.

I’d like to tease you, please you,
Bring you to the knees of you;
The breath and the beat of you,
The sweat and the heat of you;
Bisect you, inspect you,
Parse you and dissect you
Conjugate the pieces,
The components and the creases,
The perfection and the puzzle,
The silence and the hustle.

I want to ream you, unseam you
Desiccate and wean you;
The please and the pardon
The secret scented garden
The nectar and the wine
The undulating line
The fruit that is forbidden
The thoroughbred that’s ridden
The incubus’s wedding
A twist of tangled bedding...

Dawn beyond the pane;
The waking and the shame,
The telltale dream-tossed quilt,
Oh, the wonder and the guilt.

October 2008


  1. Woooo Hooo!
    All that reverie and glory and illiteration! then the landing:
    "Oh the wonder and the guilt!"
    Indeed! Breathtaking, Brother T!
    A dazed Aloha to you, poet-

  2. WOW. That was really impressive Brother Tobias.
    I am -- what is the term? -- gobsmacked.

  3. A blushingly good poem, BT. Well done (no doubt you were....) :-)

  4. Tell Steve he can't have you...

    This is the music of the heart - can't be possessed and neither consumed.

    Danger and safety bound together, something fragile, yet strong and so passionate. Could resonate like an oracle in the chambers of the heart. More so when life can be bleak at times, or not so neat.

    Thanks for starting my day with such passion; a miracle in itself for a grump-pot morning me who only gets carried away much later in the evening after a glass of wine.

    Keep writing beautiful poems. If only you would allow yourself that falling-through-the-sky kind of wisdom and freedom more often...

  5. Cloudia - Thank you...and a warm aloha from here.

    Steve - Second hand goods, mate.

    Pearl - Thank you maam; your command of British idiom is impressive!

    Tim - Can I put that on the cover? It should sell like hot baps.

    Amanda - At my age? I think it was something I ate.

    Extra Virgin - Thank you. But you carried away by a glass of wine? Surely not!

    Justme - Thank you.

  6. Not so sure that thinking about passion is too good for my soul at this time of the afternoon.

    Excellent poem.

  7. Steamy, smutty and delicious. I had to read it aloud.

  8. It made such an impression I had to add you to my blog roll.

    veri was 'zomakas' - I don't usually comment on them but z words are good

  9. You got me there Steve. In my case we're talking more hands than the SS's horse.

  10. RB - Sorry! Definitely tea first and passion after.

    Fancy - I feel honoured...but fear I won't live up to it!

  11. Thank you Rol; your judgement counts with me.

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