Sunday, 2 March 2008

Strange Bird on the Loose

The Social Secretary's twin was walking the dog the other day when a car containing a man and a woman drew up beside her. The driver lowered his window and said, "We're looking for a golden eagle."

Aghast that such a rare bird had escaped, the Twin exclaimed, "Oh no! How awful!" She scanned the skies helpfully, shielding her eyes against the sun.

The couple looked at her oddly and then at each other. The man unobtrusively raised his window a bit. "It does Thai food," he explained nervously.

The Twin turned a fetching shade of pink. "Oh! You mean the pub! It's straight down the hill, then first left in the village."


  1. Ah, I'll just have to do an imaginary review instead. The spirit was willing but the body was not, and I have a courtesy car that I would be bound to prang on the way there, it's much too immaculate and jut itching to be dented at a price of £250!
    I had thought of forcing you all to come with me of course!

  2. Ahaha, my mother is a nutterrr.

  3. We need them to make us feel half normal. Lucky they weren't looking for the Queen's arms, or she'd have been well upset.