Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Little Known Facts: Manuka Hangover Cure

Medical specialists in alcohol addiction and related disorders at the Surinder Tupaen Clinic in Southall are extolling the virtues of a recently developed 'morning after' remedy. The hangover-busting designer cocktail is exciting great interest after initial clinical trials.

If you are sceptical, try it for yourself; mix the following ingredients into a paste and swallow it direct from the spoon or, if preferred, on melba toast or as a dip.

A tablespoon of goose fat (turkey fat will do, but goose is better);
A teaspoon of Manuka Honey;
4-5 drops of Thai Fish Sauce (Nahm Plah)
If desired, sugar to taste.

These ingredients combine to provide the cruise missile of hangover remedies, zapping the recipient's beleaguered constitution in a unique multi-pronged attack. Goose fat, close to hand in many post-Christmas homes and now readily available at most big-name supermarkets, delivers a high monounsaturated fat content and associated vasoactive bi-nucleic peptides. Manuka honey includes hydrogen peroxide, twinning anti-inflammatory elements with unique gastric depilatory properties. Omega 3 in the fish oil confronts acetaldehyde residues at a molecular level, whilst EPAs (eicosapentaenoic acids) address post-alcoholic depression.

Brother Tobias brings you this life-saving recipe with best wishes for 2008.

(Warning: Prepared in an environment which may contain nuts)

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