Monday, 14 January 2008

Brighton Nightingale

I was going through my slush piles of loose papers in the study on Friday, trying to make the place look respectable in case some visitors looked in (they didn't). Amongst them I found a tatty scrap of paper which must have been months old, with some scribbled hieroglyphics on it which might have been half-heard song lyrics.

After some Googling with different combinations of the words, I found it was 'Your Song' by Brighton singer/songwriter Kate Walsh, from her first 'proper' album, 'Tim's House'. Kate (not to be confused with the Hollywood actress of the same name) is better than raindrops on roses, chocolate and cheese straws, duck-down and daffodils. Her music is fresh, heartfelt and unencumbered. Listen to it instead of taking an aspirin, or having a quarrel, or sighing, or just because you're already happy. Close your eyes and feel the sun come out.

If you haven't heard her, then hit the Youtube link below, or visit her Myspace here and listen to 'Bury My Head' or any of the others. You won't regret it.

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