Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Girl on a Roll

K 's latest song has a strange history. When she said she was short of ideas I fished out a song lyric I'd written in the 1970s and done nothing with. Neglected in a drawer for 33 years, she wrote a tune, guitar riffs and harmonies for it in about as many minutes. So here is a time-warping song-writing collaboration between a 21 year old girl and her 23 year old father.

And before you ask, I wasn't in love with a boy called Andy at the time; the song was originally for a girl named Angie.


  1. OK you've convinced me: CD request on its way!

  2. Wow! Lovely song and amazing that you have such a good relationship! Great collaboration.

  3. You clever clogs you, and that voice on your wee gal...wonderful! You must be very proud.

  4. Steve - So tactful!

    Daisy - Thank you. Extraordinary that she survived being kept in a drawer for 33 years.

    Amanda - I am, I am!

  5. This is lovely! I came in tired and miserable from work and this lifted my spirits. Thank you both of you!
    Helen xx

  6. p.s. my word verification was 'hossess'.
    Is that a lady horse?

  7. Helen - Thank you...that means a lot. Hope the tired and miserable has gone away.

    A hossess is a hostess who doesn't do teas.