Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Coming Out

I have a boyfriend.

We met at a barbecue the weekend before last, at the end of the Indian summer weather.

I'm not sure of his real name; people call him Dude.

He has had a hard life - rejected by his family, fostered and subsequently adopted in early childhood. Perhaps because of that early rejection he is hard to get to know...rough, self-sufficient, uncommunicative, somewhat remote.

I think affection comes hard to him, but I believe he has a noble spirit and an endearing vulnerability which tugs at the heartstrings.

Not everyone would find him handsome. But in love, it is the peculiarities that attract, not the perfections. His lower jaw is strangely malformed, as if it doesn't belong to him, so that his lips never close over a perpetual smile. This may be inherited or a product of early neglect, but he is self-conscious about it and I haven't asked. His hirsuteness is strange to me too, but he has all his own hair, his breath is sweet, and he runs like the wind. There is natural grace in his stride, and an irreverent gleam in his eye which is full of promise.

It may have been the wine, or the red glow of the sunset, or the music, but as we relaxed together on a bench in the embers of the evening our eyes met in mutual recognition, and he stretched out beside me and laid his head in my lap, and somehow I knew that it was right. That whatever people might think or say, whatever society's mores and expectations, there was a beauty in this relationship which dare not speak its name.


  1. A crueller man than me might make some off-colour remark about bestiality here. Instead, I'll just say, 'awww'.

  2. Oh wow, he is rugged. I can see why you were so drawn to him!

  3. Well, I am not usually one for the hairy masculine look but he is well cute.

    Those type of dogs always look old though, don't they, even when they are young.

  4. Ha ha, how did I know that was coming?

    I compliment you on your taste - is he for keeps?

    (don't let him wear those ghastly saggy jeans, even if he is available to other men!)

  5. He looks like a "ruff" diamond and no mistake. The underbite is very affecting. Wishing you both joy (and marrowbone).

  6. Can you keep him? Isn't he adorable, great wee story there BT. brought a smile to my face, which has been somthing missing this week. Spank you belly mush.

  7. Rol - I thank you for your restraint and good taste!

    Daisy - And yet, such a softy. (Bit like me, really...)

    RB - They tend to, don't they. I don't know why; overall shagginess, I suppose. On the other hand, behaviourally they never grow up).

    Laura - because you're every clever. Sadly he's not mine...just a guest at the same party. Forchanatly he prefers a kilt.

    Steve - Thank you. Mmm, marrowbone.

    Amanda - Alas, I can't (although our own beloved cairn terrier is a bit toothy too). I'm sorry you've had a grot week; I do hope stuff is looking up for you...we all wish it so over here.

  8. The Munch would be jealous. Its his birthday and all he wants is a dog.

  9. Is he The Dude after the main character in "The Big Lebowski"? I see a certain shaggy Jeff Bridges look to him. Does he have a taste for White Russians?

  10. Oaw, look at those teef! He's quite attractive, despite what they say. I'm jealous...

    I can also see my feet in this photo, interesting!

  11. I think its really "ruff" that you can't keep him, make no bones about that! he may have dogged determination and keep seeking you out of course, he may even hound you into accepting him. You'd be barking mad not to let him in....

  12. Birdwatcher - Are you going to give way? Great companion for tramping round the Goyt.

    Lucy - I'm not sure how he got his name, nor about the White Russians. But his generally spaced-out demeanour and tendency to the munchies makes me suspect a cannabis habit, so you may be onto something.

    Jelly for all - Interesting feet, or interesting that you can see them? Do you think they believe (like natives) being photographed has stolen their soles?

    Sagittarian - That comment did make me paws fur a moment (then I found you'd cornered the market in canine puns!)

  13. Very well written, good choice for a lifelong partner too. Would like a dental set like Dude’s as I'd have fun jabbing at the heels of insufferable beasties. It was however the grimace that finally convinced me to make an appointment at The Horse-, Mule- & Equine Dental Practice. They're just around the corner from where I live.

  14. Brother T, it's not compulsory but you've been tagged...

  15. Extra Virgin - Thanks. Be a dear and get me some Bute while you're there, would you?

    Can Bass - I wouldn't know where to start!

    Steve - Thanks. They're funny things, memes, aren't they? Like charity collections; its somehow easier to do them than to invite other people to (or is that just me?)