Monday, 30 March 2009

Hannah Scott and John Carden

I mentioned Hannah Scott when her debut album came out last year . Her new CD - a collaboration with John Carden, arrived yesterday, signed by the two of them without me asking and with a wee handwritten thank-you note from Hannah enclosed again. I find that really sweet; it's that precious moment when a band is teetering on the cusp of greatness, but still have time to appreciate you and take nothing for granted. When each order matters and they're grateful for every supporter. This girl is destined for big things, and it's a mystery to me why she hasn't been signed yet. She is like a butterfly beating her wings against the glass; any moment someone's going to open the window and then you'll need a telescope to see her.

'Falling into Spring' is an EP with just five tracks, but they're all crackers. It's maybe her register or the east coast accent that reminds me of Beth Orton (I know, her's is west), but this is lighter and less plaintive. I've never met these two and have no axe to grind, but I reckon I'm putting a good tip your way in suggesting you visit this link and have a listen. And if you like what you hear you just click the button and for the price of a pint or two the thing arrives in the post, and you can shoot a line to your pals and you have the sound for this summer's braais and a collector's piece to boot.


  1. "She is like a butterfly beating her wings against the glass..."

    What a truly crisp line... Bravo

  2. Thanks for this compelling tip!
    Aloha, Friend

  3. This is a magical time to be a fan of a band, as you say. Not just to be there at the beginning before they "make it big" but to be part of a small community that knows itself well before all becomes lost and faceless with the onset of the masses... Ishall take follow your recommendation, sir, and click the link...

  4. 'Into your grief' reminded me of Damien Rice at his best. Yes, a lovely voice and sweet songs - thanks for the tip.

  5. Nice - and I know exactly what you mean with the Beth Orton comparison.

  6. Yup, I'll follow the link too. Thanks for the tip. I tend not to listen to unsigned bands, just out of inertia, but you've inspired me to start paying more attention to what's out there. It's easy to be sustained by the force feeding that goes on.

  7. I am so going to check this out. I love to listen to all kinds of have peaked my curiosity.

    ~Cheeky Kisses Brother~

  8. How do you hear about all these great singers? You're a veritable soothsayer of up and coming talent. Keep these tips coming!

  9. I have just had a quick listen - it sounds good. I shall go back and listen to more.

  10. Jimmy - Thanks. Coming from the master of crisp and pithy, I'm flattered.

    Cloudia - It's a pleasure!

    Steve - These things travel by word of mouth (it was the two Pauls from 'Daniel takes a Train that first told me about Hannah.

    Fancy - I know what you mean.

    Rol - They are quite different really, but I'm glad you could see what I mean.

    Madame deF - It's satisfying to bypass the promoters sometimes, isn't it?

    Sweet Cheeks - To have peaked your curiousity so early!

    Daisy - I may have found my metier (veritable soothsaying requires no talent!)

    Completely - She grows on you, I think.

  11. Oh I liked that very much! Thanks for the tip (as the actress said to the bishop).
    I shall try and get a copy of her stuff...

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