Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bean Beetles

A retiring little chap is
Platypus Cylindricus
Inclined to keep his head down,
Preferring not to mix with us.
He tidies up detritus
Avoiding any pain or fuss
Assisted by his mucker,
Agrilis Pannonicus.



  1. Agrilis Pannonicus - wasn't he a senator of Rome? ;-)

  2. They do sound like saints of the early Byzantine church, sanctified for their terrible torments at the hands of the Bulgars.

  3. Had to read that twice, Madame. Misread it the first time as "burglars"...!

  4. Short but sweet.

    I still wouldn't want one in my potato salad.

  5. Keeping his head down AND tidying up detritus.

    Now thats a chap worth knowing.

  6. For one horrible moment there I thought you were going to rhymn "mucker"....good pome tho', however like Rol I wouldn't want one in my food. :-)

  7. There's you with your beetles, Mrs Pouncer with her eels - what next? Lulu Labonne with her ants no doubt.

    Insect watch in blogland

  8. Very sweet little fellow and "resume`"

    I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my little book! You are a discerning fellow and you "got" just what I intended. Yes, mush of it is largely autobiographical - but truly fiction "tweaked" to serve the purposes of Hawaii, humanity, and a good story.

    Thanks so very much for your kind attention. Yours is one of my top blogs, and it has been a pleasure & privlege meeting you and your world. The brief piece you wrote to me about "Aloha Where You Like Go?" would make a smashing amazon review as is. Perhaps you's indulge me further and post it there for others to enjoy?

    Thanks again. Mahalos, Brah (as we say) Warmly from Waikiki, C-

  9. Steve - Quite right. Famously vilified for installing adult mosiaics at state expense whilst secretary to the Concilium Plebis.

    Madame deF - They do, bless their little tonsures.

    Rol - Reminiscent of prawns with a hint of horseradish, I believe, although eating them is an offence since they were listed in the Red Data Book as ‘vulnerable’.

    Jimmy - Just so. The Admirable Crichton of the woodland world.

    Amanda - I feel a limerick coming on...

    Mr King - Thank you Sir. I can't remember writing a better one about beetles. (I'll be over to visit shortly).

    Fancy - Well, you know what they say, "'Spring, when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of Lepidotera."

    Cloudia - I'll happily post something on Amazon, although I might tweak my comment slightly for that. I really enjoyed your book very much, and highly recommend it.

  10. Oh I thought this was going to be about George Harrison...he's been a beatle.

    Sorry I'll go now.

  11. NB - Hello. Alas neither is musicial, although Platypus, who can find boring boring, does a little tap dancing now and then.

  12. Make mine a large one. With chips!

    Splendid poem BT!