Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I'm just trying you out to see what everyone's talking about.

Sorry. I was playing with Twitter, and it asked me what I was doing.

Ooo. I've got a tweet.

Brothertobias@ nudrig2 No, I'm not famous. Although I like to think I have a modest following in the world of scripophily.

Brothertobias@ nudrig2 Not at all. It was a pleasure talking to you.

Another tweet. That's two tweets already.

Brothertobias@heavenlytwinny Thank you. It's early days. What about you?

Brothertobias@heavenlytwinny I do find the 140 word limit a constraint when trying to address issues of any complexity, especially when there is a moral or ethical dimen


Brothertobias@heavenlytwinny dimension

Brothertobias@wedekindboy Isn't 0825 an odd time to be eating pesto?

Brothertobias@heavenlytwinny Ahaha :)

Brothertobias@wedekindboy Ah. Guadalajara. I understand. Wasn't thinking. No, I don't think I'm that Brother Tobias; I never taught at a mission school.

Brothertobias@wedekindboy No, really. I've never even been to Mexico.

Brothertobias@wedekindboy Well quite. That must have been very painful, and you have every right.

I have to go now.


I dunno. I guess it's like marmite. It has a strange fascination. Yes, I visited Stephen Fry's tweets, of course I did. And thence to Sandi Toksvig's sister's. It was a learning experience (I didn't know Sandi Toksvig had a sister). And snooped in on some familiar bloggers, whose one-sided chatter was witty and entertaining, like listening to shiny people at the next table, wishing they were your friends.

But it's a bit like Blogger with just the comments and no blogs. I don't want to start collecting celeb responses like tiny trophies. And just tweeting and being tweeted would become a full time occupation. It's as if networking has become the end, not a means.

I admire anyone who can blog and twitter. So many balls to keep up. Some of my favourite bloggers have taken to Twitter. You know who you are. But I hope we who are left sedately in the blogosphere don't lose you altogether.


  1. Yeeessss... buuuut... it's more about sharing information and links. Those are the beautiful times on Twitter, when someone sends you something fascinating. Didn't you look at the slide show I linked to? Hmm? Hmmmm?

    Sorry, I'm just disappointed because I would have liked to chat to you on Twitter. Humph.

  2. You mean you're not on anymore? Oh no... Back to the mindless witterings of Wossy, then.

  3. Now I feel bad, Hattie. Just watched the slide show. At least I've reached stage 2. Okay, this was a bit of a summary execution, so I won't give up yet. Long as you keep the blog going. Deal?

    Tim - I'd forgotten about him. Better just see what I'm missing...

  4. Woo! So you're still on there? I can't find you.

    No fear, I'm definitely not giving up on the blog in the near future.

  5. No, I couldn't find you either. You are just teasing.

    Twitter is great. I was very sceptical about it to start with (cos I hate Facebook) but it is a lot of fun - just banter like you get in an office but with the added advantage that you can switch it (or the people) off whenever you choose. I rather miss it now I am in the wrong time zone - I am talking when everyone else is asleep.

    Get yourself back on it.

  6. Well I am. But I had to change my bashful 'try-it-out-dicreetly' name from Philomathes to Brother_Tobias. (What am I doing?)

  7. I keep wondering whether to Twitter. I read old Charlie B in yesterday's Guardian and it kind of made up my mind that I should---but yet I do wonder if it will distract me too much. It's all I can do to cope with Blogger.

  8. p.s. - I went and did it. Have I been suckered into this?

    so says *fondanticing* - curses to the person who already had French Fancy

  9. pps - I've deleted my account already. I decided it would be too distracting. So I joined and deleted all in the space of 20 minutes

  10. Fancy, that's not fair. There's me trembling on the pedestal of exposure and public humiliation (or something), and you aren't there to hold my hand. Go on, go, give it a little longer. (Yes, I know, I'm being totally inconsistent).

  11. You sound drunk - for all the twitter. Or are you a little bit concussed?

  12. Extra Virgin, Do I? I'm not yet. In fact I won't be for a bit, because the plan for tonight is pizza and Slumdog Millionaire.

  13. Just the name 'twitter' irritates me. It makes me think of birdy, gossipy women and people with no attention span, and I really can't afford to further encourage those traits in myself.

  14. I'm with Eryl on this one, I'm very slow on the uptake with technology so I might have a look at it next year - but then it'll have morphed into twonk or something. I'm probably not the tweet type as I deliberately keep the phone unplugged most of the time.

  15. Eryl - I really don't know if I can hack it. I think I just tweeted for the first time, and it was less natural than sandpapering my teeth. But I'm going to give it time.

    Lulu - Don't tell me you're not on Twonk yet!

  16. I'm a first thing in the morning and last thing at night kind of Twitter. In truth I find it difficult to fit blogging into my life let alone other social networking gubbins... but I quite like the enforced brevity of Twitter... I find it a challenge. By the way, Alan Carr Tweets only occasionally but is always very funny.

  17. I think it's the name that disconcerts me. Birds twitter, twits twitter. It hardly conveys dynamic interaction. If it was called 'banter', I'd be on there in a flash and be tongue tied and bashful.

  18. I've tried to twitter, but I need the interaction. I'm just not that damn witty on my own.

  19. I have no idea what you're all twittering on about. (Well, I do but I don't think its for me really).

  20. I still don't really 'get' the purpose of twitter.

  21. Like Marmite? I grew up on Marmite but at the age of about seven I converted (naturally) to Vegemite!!

  22. I haven't tried it and don't think I will; I have enough problem finding time to catch up with blogging so if I did that too I would have to stop doing anything else.

  23. Steve - A twice a day man, ay? Thanks for the Alan Carr tip.

    Madame D - It is off-putting. They should have called it 'Shoot' or something.

    Pearl - You'd be witty even in your absence.

    Amanda - This I underestand. Devotees are very committed though.

    DJ - My neither yet. It seems to mean different things to different people.

    David M - Ah well. Vegemite may be a weaker, paler, later imitation, but at least it's also made from beer! (BT turns out lights and dons steel helmet).

    Completely - That's the problem.

  24. "like listening to shiny people at the next table, wishing they were your friends."
    You are a shiny person, Brother T!

  25. I had no idea what twitter was until I read this, and I'm not now inclined to try it. How many more ways of getting disturbed does one need??

  26. Cloudia - One of the nicest things about you is that you see diamonds in dross.

    Gadjo - Good. I feared my favourite bloggers defecting, but this is going well.

  27. Nope, not going back. I need to conserve some time for studying - I'd never be off Twitter if I'd stayed on it.

    Incidentally, I don't know why the name *FF* had been taken, because during the nano-second that I actually was a member I did a search for that thief, I mean the person who took my name, and it said there was nobody of that name on Twitter.

    Maybe the people behind it reserve all the best names - just in case.

  28. well, am glad i got so educated on this post. i also realized how far behind i am knowing the modes of sending bits of unsatisifactory information to the world.
    i so agree with G.D. - just how many more ways...
    p.s. like the new photo

  29. I've not "tweeted" yet. Not enough time in the day. I do "Facebook" to keep up with my teens. Actually found some old high school and elementary school friends on there. But no, not enough time to Twitter.