Friday, 29 August 2008

Dreams and Band Names

I'd imagine it's against the blogging code to speak of dreams. But the other night my dream featured a team of five acrobats - four women and a boy. Their stage name was 'The Quoits and Anthony'. In my dream it seemed logical that they called themselves 'The Quoits' because the women had been quins, although one had died.

If I ever have my own band, I may name them 'Anthony and the Quoits'. The only band I ever actually named was at school (I wasn't in it; they didn't need a penny whistle player). It was 'Prometheus Unbound', which kind of dates it.

Driving north this year, we evolved a game in which road signs became band names. We felt 'Loose Chippings' had a folksy feel to it, but 'Blind Summits' ran away with the heavy metal award.


  1. No Hard Shoulder - definitely C&W.

    Humps For 400 Metres - LA Rockers.

  2. Road Closed - gloomy post-Joy Division krautrock.

    Bus Stop - hot Philly funk.

    Cyclists Dismount - jaunty satirical revue.

    Men At Work... oh, wait...

  3. Not forgetting 'Soft Verges', the art rock, proto punk Velvet Underground spin off.

    'Hatfield and the North' sounds familiar too.