Friday, 4 July 2008

The Beast of Blue Bell Hill

The Social Secretary and her daughter have been having a strange morning. First they took the dog for a walk in the woods, and were taken aback when a large cat, 'about the size of a fox', with a thick tail, bounded across the path a few yards ahead of them. They have therefore now joined the lunatic fringe who have experienced sightings of large cats and UFOs (although it may also explain why the dog went ballistic on her late run up the garden last night, and why there is a chaos of feathers and a pair of pheasant's feet in the field by the fence).

There have been an increasing number of sightings of a puma or panther-like cat in this area over the last few years, known locally as 'The Beast of Blue Bell Hill', so maybe they didn't imagine it. But their credibility was subsequently undermined when, after duly reporting the sighting, they decided to celebrate by washing a couple of duvets. They drove to the village, parked up and walked into the laundrette with bulging black bin bags, packets of soap powder and a sandwich bag of loose change, only to find they were standing in an estate agency. Apparently the laundrette closed some time ago, which shows how often our duvets get the treatment.


  1. But foxes aren't that big anyway... if it was the size of a WOLF, then I might be impressed.

    Or scared.

  2. It's all relative Rol. We may be a small family. Or perhaps it was bigger than a fox, but further away than they thought. Anyway, I'm taking my stick-with-a-spike-on-the-end that I smuggled back from Austria next time I go up the woods on my own. And maybe I'll sing a cheerful song like they say you should walking through bracken, to frighten adders away.

  3. Sure the SS and K haven't just experienced that Scottish thing called "Second Sight?" Apparently they bring good things to one...

  4. Think you'd better pack that dog of yours off to self-defence classes - small wonder he is nervous!

  5. Foofy - Nah. It's me who experiences second sight. Although they call it 'seeing double'.

    Laura - She could do with them; I've seen her retreat from a pheasant.