Friday, 19 October 2007

100 Today!

The little counter thing tells me that this is my 100th blog. Hurrah. Here are some terribly interesting one hundredy facts:

The 100th most used english word is 'part'.

If you phone 100 in the UK, you get the operator. In Belgium, you get an ambulance. In South Africa you get a rugby helpline.

The 100th most popular baby name in Alaska is Xavier for boys, and Autumn for girls.

100 is the number of hours in a Venusian day.

Juan Undread was the Merovinian monarch who deposed the Mayor of Neustria in 846.

The jig '100 Pipers' is also known as 'The hair fell off my coconut'.

In Anglo-Saxon times a hundred was the area of land capable of supporting 100 families.

100 is the number of notes on a piano added to the number of keys.

100 mph is the terminal velocity of a lemming.

Some of these facts are truer than others.

1 comment:

  1. so that's the number for an ambulance. i keep confusing it with the one for the police. cheers.

    and thanks for the widget - it's one of the big ones, i think!