Monday, 27 April 2015

Curse of the Witching Tree

This atmospheric British film punches well above its budget. Underlying tension is built through parallel themes of threat and impending loss, in a delicate overlay of past and present. The action benefits from the freshness of the cast, confident camera work and a well-balanced soundtrack. One senses that Director and Producer James Crow is so steeped in the genre that invoking the sinister is second nature. 'Curse of the Witching Tree' is that rare beast which has both mainstream appeal and the makings of a cult classic.

Released in the UK on 18 May and in the US on 19 May.


  1. wow! my second day back in blogville after a short hiatus and here you are with a movie review!! i'll have to look for this movie when it appears here in the states! xoxo

  2. Hi Savannah! Good to hear from you (I can't believe you still have me on your radar - I hardly ever post now). We have an interest in the movie, as it has a tiny bit of one of Kirsty's songs in the soundtrack.

  3. Always on the look-out for a good film... I shall keep an eye out for this. Nice to see you back in the blog-o-sphere too!

    1. Thanks, Steve...although I'm not really back. It's encouraging, though, that a very low-budget film can make it. This one has already sold 40,000 units, which means it's broken even well before the release dates. Hope all is good with you and yours.