Saturday, 18 May 2013

Eurovision 2013

Of course we can’t win. We won’t ever win again now, with the politics of it all. And we tell ourselves that we don’t even want to, which we do, and that it doesn’t matter, which it doesn’t, and that of course we never watch it because it just makes us angry and it’s not the kind of thing one admits to…but a lot of us will.

So here’s to Bonnie Tyler tonight, with her post-operative gravel voice, still rocking at my age. She’s earned a place in the Rock Hall of Fame several times over, but most of all for ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’. The 1983 video, appropriately filmed in Holloway Sanatorium for the Insane, still works, and the song remains one of the biggest grossing singles of all time.

Go Bonnie.


  1. Why don't we just wheel out Cliff Richard and have done with it?

  2. Well the poor lass didn't win, but only to be expected. Funnily enough although you're right we will never win, if the BBC didn't continue to support it, it would collapse...