Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Worth the Ride

K's latest song. I'm proud of this daughter of mine.


  1. gorgeous song and voice, sugar! and what a great way for you to come back! i've missed you! xoxox

  2. Holy cow, Roddy, she's amazing! I would buy the album and get one for my best friend, and probably one for my sister as well. No wonder you're proud. Love her hair cut, too.

  3. It is a lovely song - and I like the Lisbeth Salander haircut

  4. Absolutely fabulous! Seriously, this is one talented young lady. If the earth ever stops shaking down here, she must come and visit!
    How do us Antipodeans purchase such wonderful music??

  5. Going to listen now, pal!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

  6. Steve - Thanks. Hang on to that early album, just in case! Her cousin has just arrived at your home town for her second year at university. She says it's a thoroughly salubrious place.

    Savvy - Missed you too Maam. Got some catching up to do!

    Eryl - I trust your artistic judgement, so that means a lot - especially as you hail from such a culturally sound locale.

    Alienne - I had to look up Lisbeth Salander, which shows I don't get out much. She'll like that comparison!

    Amanda - Thank you. It's all a bit home-made at present. Soon as we can get an EP or album done properly, I'll let you guys know, no fear!

    Cloudia - Missed your keen eye and tranquil wisdom. Like I said, lots of catching up to do.