Monday, 8 February 2010

A Glimpse of the Future?

I don't know what made me dream last night. For some of it I was back at Lily Farm. There were some trespassers, and an unpleasant spell scrambling up rocks to escape a flooded river. I'll spare you most of it, because other people's dreams are very boring. But the end seemed worryingly plausible.

I was being led by a nurse into what I knew to be some sort of mental institution. Coming to some double doors there was a woman cleaner coming the other way, and I stepped back to let her through. Someone behind remarked, "Would you believe that?"

It got me thinking, and I asked the nurse, "When I'm away, do I attack people or expose myself or do anything unpleasant like that?"

She replied, "No. You're just a bit out of it." Another nurse added, "Yesterday you called a ladder a rabbit."

I replied wittily, "Those rabbits can be damn slippery," and everyone laughed.

If this was really a peep into the future, I'm slightly reassured that I may be more or less behaving myself, even if I am with the fairies. And that I might have the odd cogent moment.

Albeit with the emphasis on odd.


  1. These days, alas, the cause of surprise would most likely be the display of chivalry of allowing another human being to pass through a door before you...

  2. So that's where you've been since your last posting BT!


    Last night I dreamt about my father (who has dementia)turning into a small child in my arms. In real life he is not remotely cuddly except to cats. In fact I think he also has Aspergers Sydrome as he hates human contact and has always been incredibly difficult and angry as a person, now even more so. I was therefore puzzled by the dream as I had not eaten any cheese before going to bed and would be most alarmed if he suddenly changed his spots as a person.

  3. Did you note it down when you woke or do you just have amazing recall about your dreams. I often think about dreams I've had months and months later - they just seem to pop into my mind and I suddenly remember them with great clarity.

    Good to see you back again. How is Hannah getting on with her music?

  4. I called a pair of pyjamas a pair of bananas the other day and I wasn't even asleep or mad. Or was I?

  5. As you say, the fact that your manners survived intact is a good sign. Just be nice to your children, as they will be choosing your home!

    Good to see you back again.

  6. Steve - It's ingrained for us, isn't it? The times I've stood holding open a shop door as a stream of preoccupied people pour through.

    Laura - Would I know, I wonder? That's a moving dream you had, with a sort of very logical perception within it. I'm so sorry you're going through that.

    Fancy - I think it stuck so vividly because I related that bit to my ever-interested wife just after, who had woken me like the person from Porlock. Only she was bearing a cup of tea. Hannah is going strong. They have a new band name, 'Hannah and the Boy'. Keep your ear to the ground.

    Helen - I am picturing you in bananas, tucked up in bread...

    Completely - How right you are. I shall treat them to a takeaway tonight!

  7. What a coincidence you mentioned 'the person from Porlock'. It was one of the questions on last night's University Challenge and I shouted the answer at the students - none of them heard though.

  8. BT, you've always been a bit odd and it beats me if you're the only one with slight dementia...

    The list is endless: I call the vets 'Pharmacy' and sushi becomes 'shushi' and France is 'Franch', I drink other peoples wine, often forget to put lids back on things and open the broom cupboard to put away stuff intended for the fridge and yesterday at work I nearly cheated someone out of R80!!! unintentionally of course. Talk of absent-minded...

    Dad often forgets to change into decent clothes, going to town and just last week Alet asked me to put the oven in the it seems to run in the family.

    All's not lost though; just don't let the slippery ladders...e-r...rabbits breed...

  9. I have two pet ladders in the back yard. You are welcome to them.

  10. Sounds like you've the possibility of drifting into Loveable Eccentric-dom - I'd take it if I were you!

  11. Rather comforting to think that the code of politeness instilled in us as kids will carry us through dementia days...

  12. That's so much saner than the dream I had the other night involving Grrr-inducing DJ Sarah Kennedy, a troop of boyscouts, and a charity event.

    I shudder at just what my subconscious is up to most nights.

  13. Hurrah to see you back. My dreams are rather more prosaic. At least you have rabbits. I just dream about work. V. Dull.

  14. Fancy - I must admit to having watched University Challenge too, so it was at the top of my mind. (Was I imagining it that one question was 'Where was the last Battle in the British Isles?', and 'Culloden' was disallowed, the correct answer supposedly being 'Sedgemoor'?). They should have at least got the Vivaldi as well.

    EV - I've never liked to mention it...(!) Could do with a few more ladders, though.

    Amanda - Are they house-trained?

    Gadjo - You're right; I'd settle for that.

    Fly - That (and potty-training?) may be the last to desert us.

    Rol - I've been trying to imagine scenarios involving that cast...and I'm beginning to worry about you.

    酒店 - I don't know what you mean.

    Madame DeF - Nothing prosaic about your work. At least, not the way you paint it.

    Nishant - Thank you!