Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs

Local boys Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs travelled all the way to a big city recently, all on their own. Someone had suggested they visit 'Britain's Got Talent' and, always eager to try a new pub, they removed their tags and went for it. They never found the bar, but someone let them play a few numbers instead.

I hope they get through and you have the chance to see them on the programme. Hobo Jones is the nicest chap, who has gone out of his way to encourage K with her songwriting and performing. Hearing him singing his 'Tyburn Jig' in our kitchen was an unforgettably moving experience. We have redecorated it since.

'Britain's Got Talent' seems an obvious next step for a band that opened at Glastonbury this year (somewhere between the Main Stage and the cider wagon), and for whom development strategy probably consists of choosing between a new set of strings or another round.

Go see them if you can. They transcend greatness.


  1. Hurrah! You are returned to us! Enjoyed this clip. I may have to watch 'Britain's Got Talent' just for this.

  2. Best of British to 'em - it's a cut-throat contest.

    P.S. Nice to see you back. You've been missed.

  3. I commented earlier but someone seems to have eaten it. I enjoyed the clip - can you give us advance warning if they are on BGT as I can't bring myself to watch it normally.

    And welcome back.

  4. What a fun band, really enjoyed the clip. And even better to see you back!

  5. Good luck to them. I'll keep an eye out for them on BGT.

  6. p.s. any idea how I can put Hannah's badge up on my facebook profile?

  7. How nice to see you back,
    Why couldn't they have been playing on my tube carriage when I was in the U.K.
    Liked the bit about having to stop for Health and Safety reasons...

  8. how delightful to see y'all again, sugar, i've missed you! thanks for the fun clip! xoxoxo

  9. Welcome back, I love to see your little blog name rise to the top of my sidebar ('oo 'er missus). Loved the clip and will keep an eye out for them.

  10. If Stavros Flatly can do it, anyone can!

  11. Very glad of this early Christmas present...but please don't make me stay in on a Saturday night...

  12. What nice people you are to still have a defaulter like me on your watchbars. Entirely undeserved.

    Madanme DeF - I wouldn't go that far!

    Steve - I must admit, it's made me feel like self-harming...

    Completely - I'm with you on that. I'll try and let you know if and when.

    Amanda - They're great fun live - serious audience participation with distribution of pans, cutlery and plumbing parts.

    DJK - I had a search on her sites but she's taken it down, perhaps because she now performs with John Carden. I suppose I ought to take mine down...

    Fly - Gigs on tube trains must be few and far between. I noticed some bent heads, presumably afraid they'd be asked for money.

    Savvy - Missed you too! (But that's my fault).

    Fancy - I'll try and let you know. Watching BGT on the off-chance would be beyond the call of duty.

    Rol - That's so true. But what chance have they got against the trampolining parrots and suchlike?

    NB - Heaven forfend - Saturday nights are sacrosanct!

  13. Best of luck to the dogs,
    and very happy to see this post, Brother T!

    Aloha, my Friend

    Comfort Spiral

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  15. Loved the clip - and good to see you bobbing up on my sidebar too

  16. Yep, great that you're back. They do indeed transend greatness - skiffle will never die!!

  17. Cloudia - I don't suppose the programme will mean anything to you, unless you have an equivalent show.

    Lulu - It's a privilege to bob there.

    Gadjo - You're right. We have a lot to thank it for.