Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Done and Dusted

We've finished. We got reverse working today, which was the last problem, and we've all been tearing round the garden at 5 mph like Jenson Button. It sounds like a monster truck but starts first time and goes up a 1 in 2 slope. It's going to be wicked in snow with chains on. Bob says he wishes he'd had it when he was younger; me too.

I'm particularly proud of our home-made steering pinion. The original on the right only had three teeth left. The cog on the one on the left was made from a piece of scrap bronze using nothing but a hacksaw and files. We ground down a bit of iron bar, tapped a thread into it, and drilled three shear pins to stop it rotating.

Who needs engineers?


  1. A man who can use his hands to build, create or repair, will never be poor.

    It's just a shame the price of fuel will prevent you from using it more than twice a year. Bloody Arabs.

  2. That'll be soooo cool when you've got the fluffy dice on.

  3. Honey, you ARE an engineer.
    I'm so impressed and jazzed.
    Me next!

    Just be careful eh?


    Comfort Spiral

  4. Who needs Dick Strawbridge more like! Have you thought about signing up for Scrapheap Challenge?

  5. Yup, you need a nodding dog in the back. And a gun rack. That would be cool. And I want one too. Ideal for Westminster.

  6. you best keep this hidden from the safety people, where's the crash cage? Mind you, if you have a flying helmet and knee pads you should be ok....and I want one too, will you make it in red?

  7. Brother T., you and my father-in-law appear to be twins - he'd love this, but before anybody could have a ride on it he'd be trying to convert it into a helicopter! Jules and Madame are right, and go-faster stripes.

  8. That's fabulous. Scrapheap Challenge have lost out by not having you on

  9. Jimmy - You're right; it drinks fuel. I wonder if we could convert our surplus of cooking apples into biofuel?

    Helen - I can picture you chugging up the A1 with the Gretsch on your back...

    Jules - Yes! And a dingle-dangle air-freshener shaped like a Christmas tree.

    Cloudia - With the removal of the mower bed it is a bit inclined to do wheelies.

    Steve - I'd love to do that (but could never match the moustache).

    Madame DeF - If it weren't for the thunderous noise and wreaths of smoke, there is something of a mobility scooter about it.

    Amanda - Red one on its way.

    Gadjo - Helicopter! Brilliant idea. There's a spare drive now the mower's gone. Perhaps a worm gear, with a vertical shaft forrard of the seat....I'm just going out to the garage; I may be some time.

    Fancy - I am far too photogenically challenged. If they ever transfer it to radio I might have a chance.