Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I sense my long leave of absence is sparking concerns about my health. No need chaps. Here's a quick clip of BT on one of the 'Go Ape' zipwires, to show that he is still hanging loose. And, in simultaneously closing his eyes and clenching his buttocks, proving that men can multi-task.

One reason for my neglect is the project Bob and I have been tackling for a friend.

This walled garden had been neglected for nearly 20 years, and the pool had been filled with rubbish, rubble and soil. Between us we have shifted and sorted tons of the stuff, and then put much of it back, stashing hardcore behind a wall built from some of the blocks we dug out. Not to mention machete-ing our way through briar and thorn, discovering terraces and even a forgotten hut. There is more to do before this becomes the elegant walled garden we envisage, but it's been a good father and son bonding exercise, and I've lost half a stone or so.

Add a little bit of Scottish walking here, a little kayaking there, and plenty of badminton between the Pimm's, and you'll appreciate that all is well. But I am missing you guys and expect to return soon, bronzed, muscled-up, and down to an A cup.


  1. be still my beating heart! ;~D
    (that garden is going to be gorgeous, sugar!) xoxox

  2. The garden is going to be fabulous. How I dream of a walled garden!

  3. Am seriously impressed with your landscaping skills - not to mention your manly zipwiring skills. Glad to hear all is well. Have missed your voice in the bloggosphere.

  4. Now that my friend, is a garden to be proud of. Good to see you back with us again.

  5. Woo, impressive, good wallage. Is Scottish walking like Nordic walking?

    And fab to see you back, albeit just before I go off for a fortnight.

  6. I want a go on that!!! That looks like super fun, and quite steady too so one won't spill one's Dutch me a spot!

  7. You bronzed kayaker!
    What a herculean Summer you've got yourself into; thanks for dropping us a line as, yes, we do care.
    Health? EXCELLENT aparently. Delightful!

    Aloha, Brother T ;-)

    Comfort Spiral

  8. Quite fancy a go on the zip wire, and if you ever fancy sorting out our garden, we'd be immeasurably grateful

  9. Savannah - It could look good. Easy to get carried away playing with designs on Google Sketch-Up!

    Eryl - I'm with you there - makes one think of peaches trained along mellow Tudor walls, and the scent of lavender and trimmed box hedges. Wish this one it was ours!

    Steve - Nothing manly about me up a tree. That wasn't strong and silent, that was speechless with terror. And note the OCD checking of the carabiners. Strange that if I'd been clipped on by a bored exchange student I'd have been quite happy; it's me that I don't trust.

    Jimmy - Thank you sir. The curved wall is modelled on Wellhouse Crescent in your honour.

    Madame DeF - Perhaps all those years of repairing drystone walls in Bracadale paid off! I'm loving the image of walkers striding over the moss with a couple of crooks! Have a great holiday.

    Amanda - It is smooth. And if you have the trick of it, you can stop yourself from rotating, allowing for a graceful run-in, as opposed to an inelegant backward landing, in which you lose your shoes and your breeks fill with shredded bark.

    Cloudia - Ah, but I don't have your expertise with a paddle. I am like the proverbial duck, only the other way up!

    Nota Bene - You'd love it. Worth the trip to your nearest (Bedgebury?). I particularly liked it when it was over.

    What was that other thing you said...? No. It's gone I'm afraid.

  10. Hello again BT! Nice to have you back as you are only one of two blogs I read every day (although I do have the occasional browse and have found some alarming things while doing so).
    Glad to hear you've had an active summer! Would be great to see you soon x

  11. Helen, I had no idea you read me every day. I would have written better stuff if I'd known! Be great to see you - come and have a barbie or something.

    Off to yours now, to catch up.

  12. I brightened up at the mention of Pimms - everything else was just too energetic.
    Welcome back anyway.

  13. Welcome back -and looking forward to the photo of you in an A cup

  14. Fancy - You should try my home-made Pimm's; 2 parts gin to 1 part red vermouth, lemonade, fruity bits (apple and kiwi are good) mint, borage and plenty of ice. Start guests off on a couple of jugs of that, and parties look after themselves.

    Completely - Thank you. And no you're not, believe me!

  15. Excellent! Glad you are ok. The walled garden sounds great!

  16. Excellent day at Go Ape! You were very good at the zip wires. The mud and bark that fell out of my trousers when I got home proved that I wasn't... :(

  17. I can imagine the buttock-clenching was most necessary!


    Welcome back BT!