Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A Literary Streak

The thing is, K was staying with a friend last night, and Bob was down the hill watching a DVD and drinking ale with a neighbour, so it was only the SS and I.

So when, just as I was climbing into bed, I discovered I'd left my book on the stairs ('The History of Love' by Nicole Krauss. Have you read it? You really should; it's hauntingly good), it seemed pretty safe to sprint smartly down to get it. Naked.

Bob really must have come back very quietly. Why he chose that moment to emerge from the sitting-room is beyond me. The sight of his father retreating up the stairs trying to create the illusion of underwear with his bare hands seems to have been a bit of a shock. He was unusually quiet this morning, and seemed almost eager to get to school.


  1. Hahaha, that title is excellent!

  2. I fear he will never get over this dreadful trauma ;-)

  3. As a teenager I came home from the pub one night earlier than expected - my parents were away and my godparents were staying in loco parentis - I won't explain any further what I had to step over them doing, but I'm glad the lights were off. I am still wondering whether to be emotionally scarred or just snort with rude laughter every time I see them..

  4. I love the History of Love. You know she goes out with Jonathan Safran Foer, of Everything is Illuminated fame? I love them both. Sorry your son had to see that. M

  5. Well, that was the backside of a young man's idea of his male idol (father) so barely unable to disguise his e-rm...Bareness! Heh-heh-heh...

  6. Meg - The title is usually the best bit in my posts!

    Mr Wibble - Me too. If I had met me on the stairs like that I wouldn't.

    Marianne - I'll have to research JSF; as usual you are eruditer than me.

    Foofy - Did you mean male idle?

    Rol - Quite. Glad you had a good hol. Still envious.

  7. Lucy - Sorry! How did I miss you out? Probably because I've been laughing so hard! Snort, definitely. Then sue.