Monday, 3 September 2007

Spot the Deliberate Mistake

'Is that Olga Bauer?'

'Ya, this is Olga.'

'Olga, Hi. I've just been talking to your agent. We're doing a clothing shoot. Top end, for an international campaign. Arizona desert setting. Are you interested?'

'I'm already packing. When do we fly?'


'To Arizona.'

'Not Arizona, New York.'

'I'm already in New York.'

'I know. That's why we picked you. Well, that and the legs, of course.'


'I mean leg. Sorry. We're only looking for one. Part of our inclusive image strategy, you understand. Plus it'll make more room for pasting in the backdrop. We are right in thinking that you're alternatively gifted in the leg department, aren't we? Only we couldn't get Heather Mills...'

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  1. I understand much better now I've full-viewed it. Interesting, very interesting.