Thursday, 10 May 2007

Brown Knows

I also have Gordon as a forename, although I've never been mad about it. As it wasn't my first name I've been able to play it down. I was only given the name as a last minute add-on, because I was born in Khartoum on Gordon Sunday. I'm not sure what Mr Brown's excuse is. It's not his first name either (what was wrong with James?). I suspect he was named after Gordon the Big Express Engine. Or perhaps it was after the dance...

No Gordon, gay or not, has been quite as comfortable since Jilted John said, 'Gordon is a moron'. But then, allegedly Bliar's nickname at school was Emily, so we all have our crosses to bear.

If you enter 'Gordon Brown, moron' in a Google search, result number eight is HM Treasury's Ministerial Profile for Gordon Brown. I can't work out why that happens. Unpredictable, that Google algorithm.

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